July 19


Yo! Noke Events

Written by Brian Bailey

July 19, 2023

There's never a bad time to have a happy hour filled with discount drinks, good music and good people.

Roanoke's restaurants have many happy hour deals including $3 rails, $4 glasses of wine and draft specials for days

Yo! Noke, in collaboration with select restaurants in Roanoke, is setting the new standard for Happy Hour with Yo! Events and @happyhouryo Follow our instagram to find the latest events in Roanoke, inspired by some of the best happy hours in Florida

Never a cover, curated playlists and great drink specials. Some of the upcoming events:

Playlist Music Raffle - Music playlists inspired by the theme of the day including pop music, boy band, 80's themed and Taylor Swift. Every playlist music raffle, join us and receive two free raffle tickets to songs that are on the playlist. If your song plays, you win! 

Over/Under Trivia - This is quite possibly Roanoke's Easiest Trivia Night. Do you love trivia night but are tired of the multiple choice or open answered questions? Over/Under Trivia is here. Instead of a direct answer, all of the questions are answered by either over or under so no matter what you have a 50% chance of winning!

Bartender Recruit - Have you ever wanted to be a bartender but work or school kept getting in the way? Are you funny, popular or downright attractive? Each week we'll be inviting a different amateur bartender to help pour drinks and curate playlists

Drink Specials - Select $5 drinks and never a cover. Florida inspired and Virginia infused cocktails including the popular Mexican Mojito, Artic Mule, Florida Man aka Goombay Smash and the y'Alleghany.  

Follow us at @happyhouryo to stay up to date on our upcoming events

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