December 13


Roanoke Farmers Market | The Winter Edition

Written by Brian Bailey

December 13, 2020

Did you know there’s more than one farmer’s market to choose from in Roanoke?

This past Saturday, I went to all the farmer's markets that Roanoke had to offer, which during the particular season we're in it's four.

When going to the four markets, you'll notice that each of them has a distinct personality. The Downtown Famer's Market has more craft vendors than does the Grandin Farmer's Market. The Salem Farmer's Market had a great all around selection and the Botetourt Farmer's Market had selection and plenty of parking which was a huge bonus.

Here is a guide to the 4 Roanoke Farmers Markets you should check out (6 if it's Summertime) next time you have a leisurely Saturday morning.

Editor's Note: Be sure to check out each market's Facebook page before you go as market frequency can differ in the winter.

1. Roanoke Downtown Farmer's Market.

Roanoke Farmers Market Vendors Yoanoke

Photo: Downtown Roanoke Farmer's Market

Roanoke Downtown Farmers Market was the right combination between food, crafts & city activities. Where else can you go for a downtown stroll and find a perfect root vegetable on the same trip?

The Downtown Roanoke Farmers Market had a great selection of crafts, fruits, veggies, meats and even fresh roasted coffee beans on this occasion.

Roanoke City Market Facebook Page

2. Salem Farmer's Market

Roanoke Farmers Market Salem Yoanoke

Photo: Downtown Salem Farmer's Market

Salem Farmer's Market is about 15 minutes from downtown Roanoke and right in the heart of Salem. This market gave off an authentic feel like this is where my farmer's farmer goes to shop.

Grass-fed beef, donuts made-to-order, and two vendors had awesome honey when usually you're lucky to just find one.

Salem Farmer's Market Facebook Page

3. Grandin Village Farmer's Market

Grandin Road Commercial Historic District 1 scaled

Photo: Grandin Historic District

Grandin Village Farmer's Market is another example of a great market in a great part of town. Grandin is a town that seems best enjoyed by foot, so it only makes sense to pick up some food along the way. 

A great balance of all the market items you'll need plus I got a great tip on fresh milk delivery as well.

Grandin Village Farmers Market Facebook Page

4. Botetourt Farmer's Market

Berries Artistic Stock Photo

Botetourt Farmer's Market was a 20 minute drive from Roanoke but from the time saved not having to look for parking it was even.

Botetourt Farmer's Market was an even mix of crafts and food vendors. I was able to find honey and grass-fed meat which is always my go-to.

While you're in the Botetourt area, why not make a trip out of it with some great hikes like Fulhardt Knob, Hay Rock or Tinker Cliffs.

Botetourt Farmer's Market Facebook Page

5. Vinton & Rocky Mount Farmer's Markets

Either due to time constraints or the market being closed over the winter I wasn't able to review Vinton Farmer's Market or Rocky Mount Farmer's Market during the time of this article. I'm since been to both farmers markets and highly recommend visiting them or checking out their facebook page.

Map to Roanoke Farmer's Markets

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