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Carvins Cove – [2021] Unofficial Park Guide

Written by Brian Bailey

June 17, 2021

Hikes Near Roanoke Va, Kayaking, Nature Walks

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Carvins Cove Natural Reserve - Yoanoke

Carvins Cove - [2021] Unofficial Park Guide

 Walking     Jogging     Horseback      Mountain Biking    Kayaking    Bird Watching 

Carvins Cove is located just north of Roanoke, Va. Boasting 630 acres and 60 miles of trails. With 3 separate trailheads, Carvins Cove Natural Reserve can be entered at Bennett Springs Parking Lot, Timberview Parking Lot or the Recreation Area.

Editor's Note: We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always use multiple references before driving to a trailhead as trail amenities and conditions can always change.

Carvins Cove Location & Park Conditions

Carvins Cove Best Picture Locations

Carvins Cove Natural Reserve has too many picture locations to list. The two best locations I've found is from the lake in the recreation area as well as the view below on Lakeside Trail (31) when you first reach the Cove. 

carvins cove yonoke

Where can I park at Carvins Cove?

The challenge with Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is not only deciding what activity you'd like to partake in but also find the best trailhead to go for that activity.

Timberview Trail is great for mountain biking and nature walks but it doesn't have the access to the water like the main entrance if let's say you wanted to go kayaking. According to Carvins Cove website there is a $7 day use fee.

The Boat Dock and Bennett Springs are also entrances to consider based on boating and mountain biking. The boat dock has limited access to the trails while Bennett Springs and Timberview Trail are the best locations to put in for hiking and mountain biking.

Can you swim at Carvins Cove?

Swimming isn't permitted at Carvins Cove however bring your kayak if you want to get on the water. 

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