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5 Distilleries Near Roanoke Va [That Are Worth the Drive in 2024]

Written by Brian Bailey

January 20, 2022

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Distilleries are a booming business in Franklin, Floyd & Roanoke County for good reason.

Many counties will allege that they are the moonshine capital of the world but only Franklin County Va has had a full production Hollywood movie made on their behalf about the struggles of the 1920's and 1930's moonshine trade 'round these parts (source: Lawless).

Moonshine was once a way for small-scale farmers to make extra money on the side and helped put food on the table during difficult times such as wars and depressions and now offer great attractions such as gorgeous scenery, working equipment and history.

The distilleries in Franklin, Floyd & Roanoke County offers tours, tasting rooms, event venues and more. If you're looking to have a company event, musical performance or even a wedding, there are several choice distilleries near Roanoke VA that can accommodate your needs. 

The distinct flavor of any given vodka, moonshine or bourbon comes from the ingredients used in its creation. Vodka is a neutral spirit that has been distilled and then filtered through activated charcoal to remove impurities from the alcohol. The difference between different vodkas lies in what flavors are added during the distilling process and how it is stored after being bottled. Moonshine is also made by distilling grains like rye, corn or wheat into an alcoholic beverage. 

Proof vs ABV: A common misunderstanding about alcohol by volume (ABV) is that it’s the amount of alcohol in a beverage. That’s not exactly true. The proof of an alcoholic beverage is twice its ABV, so a bottle with a 40-percent ABV would have 80-percent proof. So what does this mean? It means that even though the two drinks might be the same size and contain the same number of total grams of alcohol, they will feel different when consumed because one is twice as strong as the other. 

Here are the 5 best distilleries near Roanoke Va that are guaranteed to be a great day trip for your next weekend adventure.

Editor's Note: This list is for 21+ and older and in no particular ranking order. We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always call the establishment beforehand as offerings can change without notice.

1. Franklin County Distillery

141 Proof Rye       Full Service Restaurant       Barrel Aged      

distilleries near roanoke virginia

The White label corn whiskey from Franklin County Distillery builds on the bootleggers' brand from the 1920s and 30s. With a full-service restaurant, tasting room, events, and an outdoor patio, FCD gives you many reasons to visit and stay a little longer in Boones Mill Va.

2. Twin Creeks Distillery

100 proof corn liquor       Cocktails       Events      

distilleries near roanoke va

Twin Creeks Distillery, located in Rocky Mount Va, offers a variety of moonshine, whiskey, rye, and brandy. The outdoor patio and tasting room, along with the cocktail flights and live music, make Twin Creeks Distillery an ideal day trip from Roanoke. 

3. 5 Mile Mountain Distillery

Small Batch       Moonshine      Rye       

distilleries near roanoke va

5 Mile Mountain Distillery is Floyd County's first distillery since prohibition. They produce moonshine and rye spirits and feature live music, a gift shop, tasting room, and more.

4. Roosters Rise n Shine Distillery

 Live Music       Tasting Room       Smith Mountain Lake       

distilleries near roanoke va

Roosters Rise n Shine Distillery is yet another reason to visit Smith Mountain Lake in Franklin County. They host live music, a tasting room, and offer apple pie moonshine, maple whiskey and more. 

5. Bradys Distillery

Coming Spring 2022       4 yr bourbon       Roanoke City 

distilleries roanoke va

The first distillery to come to Roanoke proper, Brady's Distillery produces rye, rum, vodka, and 4 year bourbon. They currently offer curbside pickup through their online store and plan to open their tasting room in the Spring of 2022.

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