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10 Hottest Coffee Shops in Roanoke Va [2024 Caffeine Guide]

Written by Brian Bailey

January 20, 2022

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The 10 Hottest Coffee Shops in Roanoke Va will all have a couple things in common, mainly friendly service, a place to enjoy a hot beverage and lots of caffeine.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, right after water, and it’s also one of the most complex drinks. There are more than 100 different species of coffee plants, but only two are used for commercial production. Each type has its own flavor profile, which makes it a very interesting beverage to enjoy on an early morning.

The two main types of coffee beans you'll encounter at your local shop will either be Arabica beans or Robusta beans.

Arabica is the world’s most popular variety. It has a mild flavor, but it’s still very aromatic and can be used as a base for other flavors. Arabica coffee is grown in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. 

Robusta is the second most widespread coffee species in the world. Robusta beans can be used to make espresso, so they are often selected for that purpose.

Whether you're looking for coffee, espresso or even a finely steeped tea in Roanoke, below are the top 10 coffee shops in Roanoke Va.

Editor's Note: This list is in no particular ranking order. We try hard to be accurate in our reporting but please always call the establishment beforehand as offerings can change without notice.

1. Little Green Hive

Organic       Fair Trade       Three Locations      

best coffee shops roanoke va

Little Green Hive has three independently owned coffee shops in Grandin village, Roanoke & Daleville and are known for their specialized teas, breakfast burritos and whole fruit smoothies.

2. Roasters Next Door

Small Batch       Nitro Coffee       Wasena

coffee shops roanoke ve

Roasters Next Door has a location in Wasena and recently opened a second location in Vinton. Besides locally roasted and nitro coffee, they offer cold brew style for your next coffee experience. 

3. Sweet Donkey Coffee

Outdoor Patio       Craft Brew Coffee      French Press       

best coffee shop roanoke va

Sweet Donkey Coffee is a hip, local and historical coffeeshop on Broadway Ave next to Carillion. They have a large outdoor patio, host beer and wine garden events and even offer scratch-made butter waffles.

4. Mill Mountain Coffee

Full Breakfast       Locally Roasted       Fresh Baked Goods       

coffee shops roanoke va

Mill Mountain Coffee has 4 locations in Roanoke Va to serve you. With loose teas, baked goods and a lunch and dinner menu, Mill Mountain Coffee can satisfy just about any craving you might have.

5. Morning Brew Coffee

Downtown Roanoke       Americano       Loose Leaf Tea 

coffee shops roanoke va

Morning Brew Coffee Company is a locally owned coffee shop in Downtown Roanoke and attached to the Taubman Museum. Be sure to stop by for coffee, espresso, poetry nights, or cappuccino next time you're in Downtown Roanoke.

6. Garden Song Eco Café

Superfood Lattes       Dog Friendly       Crepes

coffee shops roanoke va

Garden Song Eco Café is a eco-friendly and health conscious café providing organic and plant-based food and beverages. Located just off of Elm Ave, Garden Song Eco Café is your stop for breakfast crepes, chai teas and much more. 

7. Chris's Coffee and Custard

Milkshakes       Meetings       Selfieccinos      

best coffee roanoke va

Where hot coffee meets cool friends, Chris's Coffee and Custard is your go-to custard, coffee, breakfast & lunch location. Chris's is conveniently located just off of the Roanoke River Greenway on 9th Street. 

8. One Love Coffee House

Blueberry Scones       Lattes       Open Mic     

best coffee shops roanoke va

A caffeine break is waiting for you at One Love Coffee House near Carillion Wellness near Cloverdale. Come for scones, espresso, lattes, croissants, and stay for open mic nights and more. 

9. Cello Coffee House

Downtown Roanoke   Gluten & Dairy Free Options   

coffee shop roanoke va

Located in Downtown Roanoke, Cello Coffee House is a coffee shop and Mediterranean cafe located in the heart of Roanoke City. Their espressos and breakfast bagels make a perfect complement on your next downtown sightseeing trip. 

10. Fincastle Cafe

Sandwiches    Espresso    Desserts 

coffee shops roanoke va

Fincastle Cafe is your destination for specialty coffee drinks, breakfast and lunch items in Fincastle, Va. Whether you're on your way to Roaring Run Falls, or just stopping for coffee while visiting downtown, Fincastle Cafe will keep you caffeinated on your next day trip.

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